Board of directors

Ahmed Adam Qassim (Baxnaan) – Chairman of SNR
Tel: 070-443 38 16

I am specialized and have been working as a support teacher for Somali school children for 13 years in Örebro and Esklistuna regions in Sweden. Direct teaching Somali language for the children immigrated residing the targeted regions. The targeted students were those in the lower and upper primary levels. My duties include arranging seminars and proper discussion forums for Somali children and their parents to understand the Swedish laws, social disparities between the two cultures (Swedish and Somali) to breach the gap.

I have been also working as a translator for Somali female issues in the Community Communal offices for the targeted regions. Arranging seminars and workshops for the awareness of transmitting diseases and harmful practices in the Somali Communities special attention was given HIV/AIDS and eradication of FGM, support the Somali Women Organization to function better within the framework in the Swedish laws and help them raising the concerned issues to proper forums and Authorities.



Ahmed Ismail Moses Gul – Vice Chairman of SNR
Tel: 072-251 84 25


I am currently studying a Bachelor programme in diagnostic radiology at Örebro University in Sweden. In completion of this degree I hope to achieve one of my life time goals which is to help save lives and to put my professional skills to use back home in my motherland, Somaliland.  

I am also a student Ambassador for the University which entails helping youngsters with school work and revision for their exams. Being part of the mentoring scheme is a mutually beneficial job as it help others learn, grow, and improve their skills as well as  develop my leadership skills and enable me to do what I love to do best which is help others!

I am an outgoing person with a high sense of responsibility. Others often describe me as social, creative and ambitious. I don’t view problems as obstacles but rather challenges. Hence I am a firm believer that working hard and tackling challenges are all part of being successful in work and personal life. 

I regard myself as a unique, multi-talented individual, which suits well with the fact that I have a multitude of interests! In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends.  Keeping fit and healthy all the time is one of my personal goals, so I make sure I attend the gym regularly. I also enjoy travelling the world an interest which is very much driven by my desire to always learn and discover new things.  Being such a spontaneous character, I am always ready for anything to be thrown at me.  


Yosef Abdiqani Mohamed – Secretary/Webmaster of SNR
Tel: 073-892 19 62



Jama Ibrahim Yassin – Cashier of SNR
Tel: 070-236 93 90

I am Civil Engineer and have been working 15 years in the field of construction in different positions. I have been engaged in Humaniterian sector as Manager shelter programs for 8 years working with Norwegian Refugee Council and Danish Refugee Council in Somaliland and Puntland. This has been instructive and gained a valuable experience in the humanitarian sector. I have been actively engaged in the strategy development for Somalia missions, and particular contributed with valuable knowledge of local context and shelter programming. I have shown high levels of dedication, being inclusive, innovative and accountable, being flexible to support the missions when required and provided high level of deliverance when acting as Country Director/Area Manager as well. I have a friendly personality and encouraged/supported high level of team sprit within the missions and expanded the activities to potential identified regions.
I am good at conducting program and security assessments. I am very strong in delivering relevant proposals including budgets, program planning and implementing were security challenges are expected on daily basis. I am very diplomatic, a good negotiator, flexible and goal oriented for establishing strong, positive relationships with concerned stakeholders in the field and towards donors. I am very knowledgeable identifying necessary program changes to be taken to improve project implementation for optimizing resources and achieve good results. Familiar well what barriers and opportunities there are to humanitarian interventions in the local culture and have been determined to work in a team sprit trying to bridge the gap/understanding between NGO and local community, and see this as one of my strengths.

In the Bridge designing I have a good experience for the delivery a comprehensive handling, from feasibility studies and preliminary design to the production of detailed design and construction documents including contracts and related tender documents. Currently (from 21 march 2010) working as Bridge Engineer with WSP bridge section Karlstad, Örebro. Previously I worked with WSP 2001-2002. In WSP, I work with classification of bridges and engineering to the production of detailed design and construction documents for the bridge repair.


Fuad Kamil Isse (Yonis Jibril) – Information Officer of SNR
Tel: 076-210 85 02

I have studied in the Farah Omar secondary school, and after that I’ve studied further to Faculty of Agriculture in Afgooye University. After my graduation I moved to Sweden where I live now with my family. I am open and sociable person easy to communicate with me and to work with. In my spare time I play football and read books.

I am currently work as a teacher in a Islamic school (Al-Azhar School) in Sweden. And I am a trained special education teacher, and I took my courses as a special education teacher for students with various difficulties such as dyslexia in a university in Stockholm. And I also teach the Somali language. I am an information officer for SNR.